Monday, August 10, 2009

Cranberry Lake or Bust!

I'm on my way to camp for a few days. I'm bringing my computer, so perhaps I will get some posts done and then I can go sit in the library parking lot and send them to the blog. No Internet, no cell phones, one Canadian television channel. It's like returning to the dark ages. And I love it!

My spinning wheel is coming with me, so I am hoping to get some of the fiber spun that I dyed in Harrisville. I have invited our spinning group to come on Wednesday. I have a feeling that there will only be a couple of people coming, but it will be fun. I have to remember to pack some wine too.

Right now I have a very wicked headache, so I'm hoping the fresh mountain air will help make that go away. We're off now. Be back soon with my promised Harrisville report as well as tales of Camp Fi-Be-Gar.

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