Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Lazy, Movie Watching, Knitting Sunday

Today has been a quiet, relaxed day. I have spent the day watching movies-Juno, X-Men and The Golden Compass, as well as 3 episodes of Dr. Who. While watching this eclectic mix I have been knitting on my scarf to be donated to the Red Scarf Project for the Orphan Foundation. The deadline is December 15th, so I figured it was time to start my scarf. These red scarves are sent in care packages by The Orphan Foundation of America to college bound students who have aged out of the foster system. I think it is a wonderful cause-to be supporting young people who have no family to support them. Donations are also gladly accepted, as well as gift cards for national chain stores, and notes of encouragement for these courageous young people. If you donate and let Norma, of the blog Now Norma Knits, know about your donation, for every $5.00 donated, your name will be entered in drawings for some fabulous prizes.

I am also working on some Christmas knitting. I got a bit nervous when I looked at the calendar and realized how quickly December 25th is approaching. How can it be that Thanksgiving is this Thursday? We are still trying to figure out our Thanksgiving plans. Caitlin is working from 7-7 and thinks she won't be too interested in turkey after having spent the day looking at it at work. Conor is having oral surgery on Tuesday, so I'm thinking he might not be in too much of an eating mood, so we may wait until the weekend to have dinner together. No sense in rushing into making plans-Thanksgiving is four days away after all.

On the Australian front, Tim is getting ready to leave Sydney and begin his bike ride. He's planning to stop at a surf school on the way. He is a little worried that he might have waited a bit to long to start his ride, as the temperature is supposed to be around 100 in the next few days. Tim's computer was broken, and so, once again, I didn't hear from him for several days. I didn't assume he was dead though, as I did the last time I hadn't heard from him in several days. I am very proud of me for that.

I'd better get back to my scarf knitting. I'll say Happy Thanksgiving, just in case I don't make it back here before Thursday!

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