Thursday, January 14, 2010

I wanted to report on the slogging that has been occurring with my Girasole. I have finished the body of the throw, and am now doing the edging, which is taking forever. I ran out of yarn for the edge, which is knitted on, so not only am I slogging, but I am also stash busting and using up a lot of bits and bobs of yarn leftovers. I am quite pleased with the results. Maybe some day I will even take a photo to show how gorgeous it is. I was thinking of knitting some more on it tonight, but am realizing that I really just need to go to sleep. I know this might be laughable to many, but I am worn out from working three days this week. I don't know how you all do it who have full time jobs, and also try to run an Internet business. I think if this hectic work pace continues, I am actually going to have to make myself a schedule in order to get anything accomplished with Moonlight and Laughter. Darn life and the need for money interfering with what I love to do.

Anyone interested in some cat photos? I'm afraid it's all I have in terms of recent photos. I still haven't managed to photograph my latest yarn colorways. I heard a rumor that the sun might shine this weekend, and it is supposed to be above freezing as well. Be still my heart-maybe the yarn and I can have a little photo session on the front porch-something to look forward to.

Seamus, not wanting to be photographed. Don't you love the ear fur. It's quite luxuriant.

Gerard took his cue from his brother and also turned his head. I think he's admiring the roving that is on the chair behind him.

Must go to bed so I can get up and go to work again. But then it will be Saturday and sunshiny and warm. All good things to look forward to. Happy Friday!

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