Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spinning on a Great Wheel

I was invited to my friend Andrea's house today for lunch and to try to spin on her antique great wheel. It will be interesting to try. Trina is going too and she is very talented at spindle spinning, so I am guessing that she will be showing us how to spin, since my understanding of great wheels is that the technique is much like spinning on a drop spindle, something that I tried once, and never returned to.

We will also be meeting a baby Cotswald lamb whose name is Damnram, because she was hoping for a ewe lamb, but my understanding is that, despite being male, he is very curly and cute. I promise to post pictures.

I finished three projects last night-socks made from Galway yarn from a pattern I created, Travis' Striped Mittens (finally, figured I needed to finish them before winter was over), and a hat made from Lamb's Pride Yarn using Soule Mama's Favorite Knit Hat pattern. That was fun to knit and I was done in no time. It's good that I have a daughter who likes to wear hats, because I like to knit them.

I'm feeling a cold coming on, and I can't get sick because I am going to see Jane again at the end of the week. Jane and her family will be moving the following weekend, so I am going with her friend (they've been friends since the first day of 7th grade) to help them prepare for the move. Tim and I went to visit for Jane's birthday last week. When we arrived she was not home, which was kind of scary. It turned out that her blood levels were messed up and she required an IV to try to help get things back to normal. She arrived home in the early afternoon and we had a nice visit, but had to leave to come back early the next day so Tim could get some coffee roasting done. It is hard to leave, I want to stay, but have to be here since I still do have that darn last child left at home. And although he is 18 and can be left alone, I don't like to stay away for too long.

Time to get ready to go to Andrea's. I will return with cute damn ram photos.

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  1. Marilla, I am sorry about your sister Jane. What a winter you've had. My thoughts are with you and your family. I want you to know how much I enjoy your blog. You have a gift for writing and I love to hear what you're up to. Nice to have you back, keep writing!!!

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