Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall is in the Air

Looking at the weather today, it is hard to believe that a week ago it was 91 degrees and humid. What a difference a week makes. It seems good to feel the cool night air and think about hand knit sweaters, socks, hats and mittens. I am working on a hooded sweater for Conor that only has the arms remaining to be done, but I keep putting it off. I'm not quite sure why I have such an aversion to knitting sweater arms. I tend to get to this point in a sweater and not finish, but with Conor's relentless questioning of when I am going to finish his sweater, I don't think that will happen this time. Now that it is cool enough to sit with a sweater on my lap while knitting I will have to finish it. Is there a particular kind of knitting that you have trouble finishing? I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

I am very busy right now preparing for the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival, which is being held at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Greenwich, New York on September 25 and 26. I am looking forward to vending there. It will be especially fun because I am going to meet two of my Spindies cohorts in person for the first time. I've been dyeing up a storm and creating some colorways that I hope will be pleasing to those visiting the festival. There are some already for sale in my Etsy shop.

Polwarth fiber in the colorway "Back Down to Earth".

Merino Tencel fiber in the colorway "Magic Carpet Ride".

The return of an old favorite "Loon Lake" in Merino Nylon Superwash

Another old favorite "Ghost and Goblins" in honor of the approaching fall season.

It's been a fun summer at the Canton Farmer's Market.
This year I've only gone on Friday, and that has worked out well. And unlike last summer when we missed numerous days because of rain, we have not missed any days this year. It's a lot of fun to meet and talk with people about yarn and fiber and find out what they love to knit most of all. It amazes me how many talented knitters are afraid of knitting socks, and I do my best to persuade them to try knitting socks, because they are the thing I like to knit most. I think it is a good idea to knit first socks out of worsted weight yarn because there are 40 stitches in a round instead of 60 or more, and the socks get done much faster, which gives the knitter a sense of accomplishment much more quickly. I had one customer who doubled sock yarn to make a pair of worsted weight socks, and she was really happy with the outcome. So we learn from our customers, as well as our customers learning from us.

Time to return to the dye studio and dye all that superwash merino and laceweight yarn that is soaking and waiting for me. I am making a commitment to blog more frequently. This has been a very difficult year for me, and that made blogging difficult. Things are looking up, and I promise to be here on a more regular basis.

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