Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Does Anybody Know What Day It Is?

I am confused as to what day it is , or even what date it is. This month has whizzed by, I've had 3 trips to the Adirondacks in the last week, didn't work last week and then we had President's Day, which took Monday away, all of these things led to my confusion.

On Sunday I visited Big Tupper with my sister-in-law. Big Tupper is a ski resort in the village of Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks that had been closed for several years. A group of local residents has banded together to try to bring it back. It was a gorgeous sunny, but freezing day. My brother Tim, the coffee roaster, is roasting coffee for the Big Tupper Brewing Company and the profits are going toward helping bring back the skiing to Big Tupper.

There was a coffee tasting, and that was the reason for our trip. I was amazed at how many people were skiing. Right now they don't make snow and there is no night skiing, but the great thing about Big Tupper is that the lift tickets are only $15.00, which makes it affordable for families.

Here's the view from inside the lodge. I sat in the sunshine knitting and watching skiers and snowboarders zooming down the hill.

Here's a photo of our happy group shortly before leaving. That's me, Lisa, Tim, and Lisa's daughter Sarah, who had a glorious day skiing.

My final photo is of my grandkitty Sterling Battleship Sylvia who is living with a big black dog (my granddog Begonia) temporarily and is finding all sorts of places to hide, like this high shelf, behind the green beans. She is staring at the evil Begonia, who was lying on the floor underneath the shelf and had no idea there was a cat right above her head. Smart Sterling.

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  1. All that snow looks so pretty and inviting. I am just amazed at how many hiding holes cats can find. :O) Mal