Thursday, February 3, 2011

While reading a friend's blog yesterday I was pointed to the online exhibition of an exhibit called Threads of Feeling which is going on until March 2011 at the Foundling Museum in London, England. The museum tells the story of The Foundling Hospital, London's first home for abandoned children. When the children were left a small object or token was kept as an identifying record in case the baby might be reclaimed some day. The fabric was either cut from the child's clothing or provided by the mother, and was attached to a registration form.
It was fascinating seeing the array of textiles in this online exhibit, which gives a look at the fabric of 18th century England. I only wish I could visit the museum and see them in person. It's also heartbreaking seeing the little notes some mother's left with their baby. I can't begin to imagine how horrible it would have to be to give up a child because you couldn't care for it.

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