Thursday, September 3, 2009

The First Day of the Last School Year

Today was the boy's first day of his Senior year of high school. I am already planning a graduation party, not for him, but for me. His oldest brother's first day of school was in September of 1988, so I've been doing this school thing for a while, and there will be a huge celebration when June 26, 2010 arrives. I'm thinking the party will have to last at least a weekend, if not a week, in order to properly celebrate this momentous event. My ecstasy will not come because my last child will be leaving the nest, but because I will never have to deal with a school again.

But before you can see the boy, you must see his new shoes. Usually I share photos of my feet, but these shoes are too beautiful not to share. Purple and brown and very large. I think I may be inspired for a new colorway of yarn to match his shiny shoes.

Here he is, all handsome and ready to begin his Senior year, in all his sartorial splendor. I was going to try to find a kindergarten picture to show you how darn cute he was then, and how he has changed, but that would have necessitated an extensive search through the archives of photos, and I might have been lost for days.

He was very kind in posing for me. I'm not sure why, but most of the pictures came out blurry. Maybe I need a new camera. Yeah, that's it. I need a new camera so I don't take blurry photos anymore.

Tomorrow is the farmer's market and then we will be headed for Cranberry Lake. Tim and 8 of his friends are coming from New York City, Pennsylvania, and Rochester, NY. It will be quite a gathering and I am really looking forward to it. And the most amazing thing is that the weather is supposed to be sunny and warm. Tim has not had much luck in the weather department when visiting Cranberry Lake in recent years, so it's nice that this will be a good weekend. One of his friends said that she is looking forward to drinking wine and knitting with me. That is a girl who has her priorities straight.

Here is where we will be knitting when we are not on the front porch, gazing at the tranquility that is the lake. Notice the magazine on the bottom of the coffee table. If there is a historical event you would like to read about in either Time or Life magazine which took place from the early 60's to the early 90's, come and visit me and take a look through history.

This is one of the things I will be knitting-my Susie Hoodie. I am going to continue and finish. Not like one, who will remain nameless, who chose this sweater to knit, got us all to join along, and now has abandoned the sweater.

This is the fiber I will be spinning. It is what I dyed at Harrisville. I plan to spin it all and then perhaps make some Twisted Sister socks.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. When I return from the lake I will be madly dyeing because my friend Judy and I will be selling our wares at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake next weekend. I'm feeling a bit stressed, because I need to get a lot of dyeing done. I'm sure things will be fine. que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be.

Bedtime now. Must rest so I can party with those young people this weekend.

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