Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday's Are For Spinning

Today is the day my spinning group meets. I am looking forward to seeing everyone after not being able to attend meetings for a few weeks. Trina is having it at her house, which is nice because she lives in Massena too. Our little group is spread around the area, and most weeks involve a little bit of time spent in the car.

I was very busy yesterday taking photos and listing items on Etsy. I just realized that I am close to 100 orders and think I must do something extra special for the 100th sale in my shop. My drum carder has been put away for a while. Maybe it needs to come out and make a special batt for the 100th customer, if the person spins, of course. Otherwise, I'll have to come up with an extra special skein of yarn.

Here are two of my new colorways that are yet to be added to the shop.

Before I put my drum carder away I made some really pretty batts for the Spindies' Artist's Paintbox for October. The color for this month is warm orange/rust. Of course, I forgot to take pictures before I sent the samples off. Duh! I'll chalk it up to grief brain. If you've not experienced it, I can assure you that it can be quite annoying. And time consuming because I tend to spend a lot of time retracing steps and trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing.

It is quite chilly here and there is a forecast of snow for this evening. I know it is the last day of September, but I am not ready for this yet. Fortunately, my wool room, which is exploding right now with all the fiber and yarn I am labeling and getting onto Etsy, is warmer than the rest of this very large house.

Jodi, who is now living in Florida, asked for a photo of some fall leaves. This is Crazy Neighbor's tree. The leaves this fall are really stunning, although just beginning to change here in the St. Lawrence Valley. The Adirondacks are another story. I haven't seen such bright reds since we moved back, and some of the oranges are almost fluorescent. It's beautiful, but I haven't had the opportunity to take photos yet.

I couldn't find Seamus yesterday, and then discovered his secret, warm sleeping place. This is the reason I put the fiber I am selling in totes. Can you find Seamus?

And here is Gerard, doing one of his favorite things, sitting in a box. He barely fit in this one, but spent quite some time in there. If a box comes in our house, he has to check it out. Right now he is on top of my arms as I am typing, purring away. It makes blog writing a little difficult, but he is very warm. And for me there is something extremely comforting about a warm, purring cat keeping me company while I do things.

Time to get ready for spinning, and then back to more photo taking and Etsy listing.

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