Friday, October 9, 2009

How can a week have passed since I last wrote? Time sure flies whether or not you are having fun.

Last weekend Conor and I went to visit Travis and Caitlin in Saranac Lake, hoping to take lots of fall foliage photos. Unfortunately, it rained and no foliage photos were taken. It is really beautiful this year. Brilliant reds, fluorescent oranges, pale yellows, all offset by the different shades of green still present in the forest. We had a lovely visit, went out to eat with friends and arrived safely home, not having hit any deer or moose driving through the mountains.

I'm working on my Phat Fiber samples for October. The theme is Masquerade Ball and I am sending in Merino Superwash yarn samples and two hand carded batts, one black with angelina, and one pinky, purple with lots of sparkles, bfl, alpaca, romney and jacob sheep. The black fiber is all from local farms, which I think is a fun thing.

Next weekend is Rhinebeck. I can't wait! There is a bus going from here, with many of my friends taking the bus, but I am driving with Judy. This is our third year of going together and we have a good routine in place for enjoying the festivities and avoiding a lot of the crowds. I am going to try to be good this year and not spend too much, but I'm not guaranteeing anything. I am also looking forward to a visit to the Eveready Diner-great, relatively inexpensive food. I think it would be fun to check out the Culinary Institute as well.

I'd better get back to my Phat Fiber samples. I need to mail them tomorrow morning. Just wanted to say hello, and let y'all know that I really am trying to get back into a routine of regular blog posting. Obviously, I'm not doing so well right now, but I am going to keep working at it.

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