Monday, October 26, 2009

Sorry, I'm a Bad Blogger

Hello. I am writing this in my living room, looking at two rooms full of stuff that has engulfed my house, thanks to the arrival of a U-Haul truck bearing Tim and all his worldly possessions. It is a good thing that I have a very large house, as this is the second household I have acquired since moving here six years ago. When my parents moved in with me I also received all their stuff. Much of it is still in boxes in my basement, waiting for my siblings to gather here and go through the boxes. I'm seriously considering selling the things on e-bay, since it's been five years and we haven't managed to sort through things yet. But that's another story.

Not only did Tim arrive, but Travis and Alyssa, along with their dog Begonia, and Caitlin with her cat Sterling. Again, it's a good thing this is a really big house so we can keep Begonia and the cats apart. We've already had one casualty, some antique plates, and Seamus was hanging from a curtain rod earlier, but fortunately it's a sturdy rod and it did not break. Gerard has taken up residence on top of the refrigerator. He is grey and the refrigerator is black, so he blends in and looks amazingly like a cat statue sitting among the rooster statues that are up there. Sterling just pulled Tim's mattress over on top of herself. Fortunately it didn't break anything on it's way to the floor, and she escaped unscathed.

It is sort of like Christmas here, with Tim handing out tea kettles and blenders. Conor is getting a double bed, to replace the twin bed he has been complaining is too small for quite some time. I think by the time Tim is back, Conor will be in college, so Tim can reclaim his bed. And Tim brought the most comfortable chair I have sat in for a long time, which is going in my wool room, I believe. It's from Ikea, and doesn't really fit the decor, but comfort trumps decorating any time in my opinion.

In between getting ready for the arrival of everyone I have been dyeing yarn and fiber. I have a couple of custom orders, and I am also dyeing fiber for the October Spindies Paintbox-the color this month is deep plum/ burgundy. I had a good time creating a deep plum color and have dyed some Superwash Bluefaced Leicester in tonal variations of the color. I may make some batts from them, or perhaps leave it in roving form. I am still on the fence about that.

Travis is making roast pork with apples for dinner, along with roasted potatoes and squash. Yummmm! A great fall dinner.

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