Monday, April 6, 2009

Granny Squares Took Over the Day

Suzanne is making a granny circle, or octagon, afghan for her daughter.  She was having trouble with one of the blocks and asked if I could help.  The pattern was published in a knitting magazine, but was rife with errors.  It took us all afternoon to figure out one block.  I do not understand how a magazine can publish a pattern with so many errors in it.  I feel sorry for a relatively new crocheter who might attempt that pattern.  I'm sure they would think it wasn't working because they had made a mistake, not the  magazine editors.  Suzanne checked for errata and there was none published.  It's really a beautiful afghan-what a shame that it is going to be so difficult to make.

I am still working on my granny square afghan also.  It's being made up as I go along, so I'm not having any problems, and the book I am getting the blocks from so far has had no errors, something that should be commended.

The big news at our house is that Conor got his license today.  He needs to get a job and earn lots of money so he can get a car and not drive mine.  His plan is that I should get a new car and give him my old one.  Good luck with that one, Conor.  I now have someone to run errands for me, my favorite part of having another driver in the house.  

No photos today.  If it ever stops raining I would love to go outside and take some photos of spring as it is springing her in northern New York, but the weather forecast is not looking good. Bummer.

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