Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Knit Night at the Library

Despite the continuation of my sickness, I have been instructed that I must come to knitting at the library tonight.  I think I can handle it, a two minute drive and sitting in a comfortable chair knitting dishcloths, because that is all I seem to be capable of knitting at this time.  And since I have about 100 skeins of dishcloth cotton, it seems like a good thing to be doing.  I have been making a circular dishcloth pattern and am trying to figure out why it is so much faster to knit than a square or rectangular cloth of the same size.  

I also started a kitchen hand towel from a pattern in Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines.  It's fun and going quickly.  I think I might draw the line at making a Swiffer cover though.  Although it would be a money saving thing to reuse instead of throwing away the pads.  It depends on how much longer I am enamored of Peaches and Cream dishcloth cotton.  I have also been contemplating using some to make a string bag for shopping.  For that project, crocheting would win over knitting-lots faster and only one huge hook to hold instead of two giant needles.

Want to see a picture of my granddog? Begonia and Travis came to visit me at Caitlin's apartment.  She is HUGE! and only 8 months old.  She is very sweet as well, and loves stuffed animals.  Every fifteen minutes or so she would disappear into Caitlin's bedroom and come out with a different stuffed animal or cat toy.  I wonder how Caitlin's cat feels about having her toys slobbered on by a huge Newfoundland.  

Isn't Begonia cute?

Here she is modeling a scarf I made for Catilin out of Noro Yarn.  It's good to know my knitted gifts are appreciated.

And here is Begonia with Travis.  I think this picture gives a sense of what an immense dog she is.  Travis is 6 feet tall, to give a size reference.   It will be interesting to see how big she will be when she is full grown.  

Since this blog is not just about my state of health, or the animals in my family, here is a new colorway I dyed recently.  It reminds me of springtime in the Adirondacks, and is called Trillium.  It is part of my contribution to the Phat Fiber Sampler box this month, which goes on sale on the 17th, I believe.  There is a lot of anticipation building once again for the release of the box.  I hope people are a little more understanding this time around about the limited availability, and that they play nice when talking about Jessie and the box.

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  1. Oh no, Marilla. You have to save this one for me!! It's sooooo gorgeous!

    I hope you start feeling better soon.