Thursday, May 21, 2009

Miscellaneous May Musings

How can it be Thursday already?  I know this is a recurring theme for me, but the weeks just fly past.  We had a fun knitting group at the Massena library last night.  We had more people than we've had before and it was fun.  Comfortable chairs make it even more of pleasure to knit.  

We are planning a KAL of the Susie Hoodie from More Big Girl Knits.  We're doing it using Peace Fleece worsted weight yarn.  I love Peace Fleece yarn.  It's soft and fuzzy because it has 30% mohair in it, and the way they combine colors is phenomenal. The Ancient Fern colorway contains green and brown, and really reminds me of a glade of ferns.  I am knitting my sweater using the Glastnot Gold colorway, which is more rust colored than the color appears on the web site.  I can't wait to get started.  I think our goal should be to have them done to wear at Rhinebeck this year.  it seems to me that we should be able to accomplish that goal.  

I am writing this as dark is approaching, with my window open and a gentle breeze coming in.  This is a lovely thing, since it is almost the end of May and it's the first evening I have been able to have the window open.  I imagine I will still wear flannel pj's to bed, but it will be a most wonderful feeling to have some fresh air wafting in the window.  The cats are enjoying the open windows also.   

Here's Gerard, doing one of  his favorite things, sitting in a box.  This is a particularly nice box he has chosen to perch in-It's an antique nutmeg box I found in the basement.  I brought it upstairs, and although Gerard barely fits inside,  he has spent quite some time in there.
Speaking of boxes, my Phat Fiber Sampler box came today.  I think this was my favorite box so far.  It contained many beautiful fiber samples, a knitting needle roll, and some pretty colorways of hand dyed yarn, along with various stitch markers and some dog biscuits, which I am sure my neighbor's dog will appreciate.  I am looking forward to spinning some of the sample.  Next month's theme is Oceanic, and I am having fun thinking of colorways to dye.  I had better get started, especially given the way the weeks speed by.  I am thinking of only contributing fiber this month.  The fiber seems to get much more of a response than the yarn does.  It doesn't mean I will stop dyeing yarn, but will not send yarn samples next month.

Here's one of my latest rovings, which sold as soon as I listed it.  It was a serendipitous pairing of dyes, that came out looking totally different from what I had envisioned, but I absolutely love this color combination.  And I was using up dyes at the end of the day, so the trick will be to see if I can come close to repeating it.  

Here are two more new colorways.  The blue one is called "Blue Mountain River."I am in a fiber swap on Ravelry, and this colorway was created with my swap partner in mind.  She is in Singapore, so some of this roving is on it's way there right now.  I felt so grown up sending my roving overseas-had to fill out special forms and everything.  Very exciting!

This roving was another end of the day dye experiments that I really like. It is called "Red, Red Wine".  I would not have put red with the burgundy and brown that are in this roving, but my dye bottle was mislabeled.  I thought I was using pink, but it was red instead, and I love the combination.  I should spend more time pretending it's the end of the day, and let go a little more with my color combinations.

Time to put those flannel pj's on and snuggle under the covers with a cat and a good book.  A great way to end a birthday.  I was especially pleased with the birthday wishes from the internets-both Etsy and Facebook wished me a Happy Birthday, and my avatar on Ravelry has a birthday cake on it.  Isn't technology wonderful?  

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  1. Well, Happy Birthday and sweet and comfy dreams to you!!