Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

I hate to be talking about the weather again, but when is it going to warm up, stop raining, and stop being so windy?  It is a very good thing that I live in a house filled with fiber and wool. 

Today was Wednesday, so there must have been spinning.  We had quite a large group today-lots of good conversation, fiber talk, and great shortbread!  There were three choices-whiskey, oatmeal and chocolate.  Guess which kind most people chose as their first piece?  Yup, that would be the whiskey.  They were yummy.  I took some milk fiber that I dyed for show and tell.  I am so happy with the way the fiber turned out.  The softness of the colors remind me of a Monet painting.  They look pretty similar in the pictures, but the second fiber is more vibrant in color and has more green and yellow.

This is my "Marilla's Garden" colorway on milk fiber.

This is the same colorway on Superwash Merino.  The differences in the way the fibers take the dye is one of many things I love about hand dyeing.  It's always an adventure, and as much as I think I know how something is going to turn out, I am often, usually pleasantly, surprised.  And if I'm not happy with what has emerged from the dye pot (or microwave) I can always dye it again to try to improve the colorway.

This colorway is called "Under the Sea".  I think it may be one of the colors I include in my samples for Phat Fiber this month.  The theme this  month is Oceanic.

I took pictures at spinning last week  of our littlest visitor  and then forgot to share the photos.

Isn't he cute?  He had a foot infection when he was born, which is why he is wearing blue bandages on his feet.  His mother rejected him, and that is why he is being bottle fed.  He was a visitor at Andrea's house for a few days.  Andrea has a little dachsund named Patsy.   Patsy and the lamb had a wonderful time playing in the yard together.  Andrea said that she thinks Patsy missed the lamb when he went home. 

I seem to be losing my ability to type, so it's time for bed.  Work tomorrow, and then I'm hoping that I am going to my nephew Ethan's graduation from St. Johnsbury Acadamy.  Speaking of that possible trip, I'd really better go and do some laundry, since I will be leaving Friday afternoon.

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