Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Electric!

How can it be Thursday already?  This week has sped by.  I thought I was going to post every day, but the best laid plans often do not come to fruition.  I have to tell you how excited I am that I have my old stove hooked up in the basement, thanks to Andrea's husband John.  This means that I can really expand the ways I dye.  It will no longer be limited to hand painting, and I am excited about the world of possibilities this is bringing my way.  It's a good thing too, because I keep buying fiber, so having more ways to dye that fiber will be very advantageous.

John also removed some light bulbs that had been stuck in light fixtures on the ceiling and replaced one of the fixtures.  It is hard to believe how happy it made me to know that I will have more light down there when I am dyeing.  It is a good thing that simple things bring me much joy.

Spring has finally arrived, I think, but I still find it hard to contemplate opening our pool.  Usually by now we will have had a few warm days to make one think that swimming might be a good idea, but that hasn't happened yet this year.  Here's what the pool will look like in a few short weeks.

Today has been rainy and extremely windy, but not as windy as it's been in other parts of the country recently.  Jessie, who is the creator of Phat Fiber Sample boxes was without electricity for several days this week, but they are still going to go ahead with the box sale this weekend.  Exciting!!!

Spring also makes me think about going to our camp on Cranberry Lake.  We usually all go on Memorial Day weekend to clean and rake and take care of all that has occurred over the winter.  This year though, I fear it may just be Conor and me, although I am hoping some family members will change their minds about coming.  Several years ago my sister started a garden of found objects outside the back door.  It's kind of cool, and a lot of the objects in the garden make me smile because they remind me of occasions or people that have played a part in the life of Camp Fi-Be-Gar.   The tricycle at the top of the picture was my brother James'.  I won't say how many years ago he would have ridden that little trike.

I finished two pairs of socks a week or so ago, and forgot to share the finished product.  These socks are made from Knitpicks Superwash Swish yarn in the Squirrel Heather colorway They are a replacement for a pair of socks I knit my brother Tim for Christmas, which were inadvertently felted.  I thought it was best to go with superwash this time. Shhh! Don't tell him.  They are going to be a Father's Day gift for him.

These sock are knit from one of my Moonlight and Laughter sock yarns and the colorway is called Island in the Sun. They are knit for a friend from New Jersey and were to be an Easter present for her.  I'd better hurry up and get them to her before the hot, humid summer arrives.

Almost time for the Real Housewives of New York City reunion show.  I missed it on Tuesday. I'm sure it will be fascinating.  Then Grey's Anatomy season finale is on. I have a feeling that they are killing off Izzy's character and that I will need a box of tissues next to me as I watch the show.

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