Friday, May 1, 2009

Emergency Knitting to the Rescue

When I got up this morning, I had a plan as to what I would be doing today. Silly me-making a plan for the day. It was a productive day, just not in the way that I had expected. It was supposed to be a dyeing day, but due to circumstances beyond my control, that did not happen. So I decided to do some drum carding, as I had a request for more of a batt that I made a while ago that I was hoping I would be able to recreate. I was happily working on that when the boy came home from school in a bad mood. (The bad mood may have something to do with the SAT's he is taking tomorrow.)

Conor asked to borrow the car to turn in a job application. How could I say no to that? He called a little while later to say that he couldn't get the key to turn in the ignition. I told him the wheel was probably locked, and what to do to unlock it, but it didn't work. So I called my brother and he drove me to try to get the key to turn. My brother was sure he knew how to fix it, but it didn't work. I was sure I would be able to fix it, but that didn't work either. We read the owner's manual (amazingly, it is still in the car after 9 years) and found out that we had been doing what they said to do to rectify the situation.

I called AAA. The lovely woman first asked if I was safe and warm. I thought that was a very nice thing, but wondered what she would have done if I had said no. I told her the problem, and she advised me to try all the things that had already been done, and they still didn't work. She said she would send a tow truck and it would be there in 45 minutes. This is where the emergency knitting that was in my purse came into play. I would have gone crazy sitting there for 45 minutes with nothing to do. How do people who don't knit deal with this kind of waiting?

My knitting was interrupted once by a different woman who called and asked me to try all the things that the first woman had me try. They still didn't work. Finally the tow truck driver called. He didn't ask me to repeat the same non-working things, but wanted to know which McDonald's I was at. When he arrived he said the tumblers in the ignition were stuck and that is why the key wouldn't turn. He wrenched the steering wheel back and forth so hard I thought it would come off in his hands, and after several attempts he got it to work. I am now supposed to squirt WD40 oil into the ignition. Would someone like to come and do that for me? I am afraid that I will somehow mess that up. Cars are not my thing. I might consider getting married again just to have someone take care of the car issues that arise.

I was very thankful that the tow truck driver was able to get the car started, because I was not looking forward to a weekend without a car, especially because a trip to the grocery store is a necessity in the morning. As is a trip to McDonald's for breakfast before the SAT's because we all know what great brain food those McDonald hash browns and Sausage McMuffins are. Wish the boy luck.

I will try for a little more fiber content in my next post. And perhaps a picture also. I came upstairs all ready to upload some photos, but my camera batteries were dead. I am sure tomorrow will be a better day.

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  1. i desperately need an update....please tell me something about your life soon..i am missing the real world...sue t