Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Time For Dyeing

I keep forgetting this is Memorial Day weekend.  Conor has strep throat, and somehow his being so sick has made me forget that this is a holiday weekend.  Antibiotics are a wonderful thing, and he is feeling better this evening. This means that he will be in rare form tomorrow night and will be mightily lobbying to be able to stay out really, really late to make up for not having been able to go out last night and tonight.  If you look up the word persistent in the dictionary you will see Conor's picture.  It amazes me that he still hasn't figured out that I am not going to suddenly change my mind and say "Sure,  honey.  Stay out as late as you want. " 

On the dyeing front, I spent yesterday and today dyeing several pounds of fiber and yarn.  I dyed my first milk fiber and it is very soft, not just in feel, but in the way the fiber takes the dye. This is my "Marilla's Flower Garden" colorway and it looks totally different from the way it looks on any other fiber or yarn I have dyed in this colorway.  That's what is so much fun about dyeing!  It's a constant surprise how things are going to turn out.

 I dyed a lot more "Rainbow Connection" sock yarn also, which was the sample that I sent in for May's Shower and Flower themed Phat Fiber box.   I am also working on my Phat Fiber Sampler box samples for June. The theme is Oceanic, which is a theme that encompasses a large number of possibilities.  I'm just not sure what direction to take.  I have been  thinking of only sending in fiber samples, because fiber seems to be the thing that people are most excited about when they receive the boxes, but I have received more positive responses to my yarn samples for May than for my fiber samples.  I'm so confused-a not unusual state for me.  Here's some more of what I dyed yesterday.  Tomorrow morning I'm looking forward to rinsing what I dyed today and seeing what emerges.

Tomorrow we had better spend a little time on outside chores.  There is a lot of weeding to do. Plants are growing like crazy.  It hasn't been that warm yet, but we have had a lot of rain.  I have some wildflowers which have come back this year-very exciting.

We need to get the pool open, but that requires pumping out the pool cover, which requires removing all the leaves from the fall.  I think Conor has done a pretty good job of removing them, so we'll be borrowing my brother's pump and getting the water out.  The cover is also a massive mosquito breeding place, another reason to get it off the pool.  The weather has been so chilly that there hasn't been much motivation to get the pool open, but I want it to be ready on the off chance that we actually get warm weather.  I live in the land of optimism.

Thinking about all that needs to be done tomorrow is making me think I'd better get myself to sleep, so I have lots of energy to accomplish my tasks.  I think I may have promised the boy a trip to the mall too.  Silly me.

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