Sunday, May 17, 2009

Travis' Graduation Day

I am way too tired to write a long post, but had to at least take a moment to share that Travis graduated today from Paul Smiths College.  A typical Adirondack day, we froze to death inside the tent, but it was worth it.  I am elated beyond words that he graduated.  Travis is a truly awesome human being and an unbelievably hard worker, and I am very proud to be his Mom.  That would be Travis, with the beard and dreadlocks, looking very, very pleased to be graduating.

The other most wonderful thing was that my whole family was together, if only for a short time.  I am very appreciative that Tim was able to come from New York, especially since he is leaving on Friday for a trip to England and France.  Here we all are-Caitlin, me, Travis, Tim and Conor. What a happy group!  

And here we are, a little more windblown, with the addition of Travis' girlfriend Alyssa.  Nice view for a college campus, isn't it?  (Not us, but the lake and mountains in the background.)

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  1. Wow! Great job Travis and Mom! It is nice to have the whole family together every so often. I remember a summer bluegrass festival in that same location. It was July and about the same weather. Susan Foster