Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Farmer's Market Today, On My Way to Harrisville Tomorrow

I will be leaving tomorrow to go to Harrisville, NH to take a Bohus Stickning knitting class. I am excited and a bit intimidated because it is rather intricate colorwork using tiny needles, but I am up for the challenge.

I am also slightly scared because I am leaving Conor home alone for the duration of my absence. I have been assured that since he turned 18 he has matured tremendously and I need not fear that anything will occur in my absence that would not occur while I am home. I sure hope he is speaking the truth. Any of my friend's who read this and live in the area, please do drive-bys and check for any illicit activities. I miss living in New Jersey where I knew that at least 20 people who lived on our street would have informed me of any inappropriate behavior which happened while I was away.

Today was our first day at the Canton Farmer's Market. I made no sales, but had a very enjoyable time sitting and spinning, chatting and people watching. We also had a mini-concert which was entertaining and unexpected. What a glorious day it was! Sunny with a bit of a breeze.

I am very grateful for the past few days where we have actually experienced warm weather. I guess we'll open the pool after all. I was beginning to have my doubts as to whether it would ever be warm enough to swim. I'm hoping the warming weather is a trend and not an anomaly.

The village green, site of the Canton Farmer's Market.

Here's Andrea happily spinning.

A few skeins of sock yarn waiting to be purchased.

Time to get packing. Or maybe I'll wait until tomorrow morning to pack. No sense rushing these things. There is no Internet access at Harrisville, so I will not be able to post from there, but I promise to take lots of photos and return with a full report.

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