Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow

I had intended to go to St. Johnsbury, Vermont for my nephew Ethan's high school graduation this weekend, but Conor is still sick, and we were not able to go. I took him to the doctor again, and now he has an upper respitory infection, and because my sister is undergoing chemo, and has a compromised immune system, we couldn't go.

So instead I went to Saranac Lake this weekend to help Caitlin finalize her move into a new apartment.. A miracle occurred and Travis had Sunday off as well, so he and Begonia helped also. The plan was to move the last few items to her new apartment and then go for a swim. Believe me, I had no intention of going swimming, since the temperature was 59 degrees but Travis wanted to take Begonia since, for once, the sun was shining.

When leaving the new apartment to go and get Caitlin's cat Sterling Sylvia, we looked out the window and saw that it was hailing, and then were aghast to watch the hail change to snow. SNOWING-on May 31st, but that's life in the Adirondack Mountains. The temperature plummeted from 59 to 34 in about a half hour. The lakes were steaming because the water temperature was so much warmer than the air temperature. And I must say that my toes were a little cold in my sandals.

This is Sterling Sylvia hiding from her new roommates, a chocolate Labrador, and a tortoise shell cat. It seems she doesn't realize her size in relation to the thing she is hiding behind. Notice the intense "keep that other cat far, far away" stare.

Here I am helping Caitlin set up her room. My job was to keep the mountain of dirty clothes that is behind me from spilling onto the floor. I feel I did a stellar job of maintaining the mountain until she was able to put it into the washing machine.

Here is photographic evidence of this craziness. See those big white dots? Those are huge snowflakes.

This is a patch of snow on the side of the road. The fields were also covered with snow.

Wacky, wacky weather.

This weekend I also was able to pick up some fiber I had ordered, superwash BFL and merino tencel, and also the dyes I need to dye my bamboo and tencel fiber. I am very excited. Now I just have to stay home long enough to get some dyeing done. I'm hoping to do that this weekend, while trying to deal with the fact that my baby boy turns 18 on Saturday. Where did all those years go?

I am also working at putting some new thrum mitten kits together, and finishing my Phat Fiber Samples for June. I'm feeling really behind on the sample front, but life keeps getting in the way of getting the samples together.

Tomorrow is for spinning. I was considering not going to the group so I could get some of the many things on my to do list done, but it seems the only time I am spinning anymore is on when I go to the group, so it seems that I should go.

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