Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer, a few days late!

I have been remiss in not writing a fuller report on my Bohus Stickning class at Harrisville Designs. I learned a lot about the history of Bohus Stickning and we saw some beautiful examples of the sweaters that were knit and sold, many to rich American tourists. The class was taught by Susanna Hansson, and if you click on the link to her site there is a much better explanation of the Bohus movement than I could give. There are also some wonderful photos of some of the sweaters, better than the photos I took. I enjoyed knitting the cuff, didn't mind the
000 needles, and loved the yarn. It is wool and angora and very, very soft with pretty colors. the class made me realize that I do not want to knit a sweater, perhaps a scarf and hat kit is in my future.

I did a small etsy update today. "Blue on Blue" on Mulberry Silk Brick, which as I have mentioned before, is one of the softest fibers I have ever felt. I do believe it is even softer than cashmere.

This is "Blue on Blue" on Milk Fiber.

This is a colorway called "Summer Fruits" painted onto Superwash Bluefaced Leicester. This fiber is a dream to spin, absolutely no pre-drafting required, and it spins up into a soft and lofty fiber.

This is "Summertime" on Merino Tencel fiber, which is also wonderful to spin, and the colors really reminded me of summer in the garden.

Tonight is a beautiful night. I think it is the first night this season that I can leave the windows open and not wake up freezing in the morning. It is making me very happy. Now we just have to have the pool people come to open the pool so we can enjoy it on these warm days. It seems that there were holes in the pool cover, and as we were putting water into the pool, it was being pumped out of the cover at the same time. I can't wait to see the water bill next month.

On Monday Conor and I went to Cranberry Lake for the first time this year, and it was beautiful there also. We couldn't stay because there was no water. The pump had a crack in it and had to be replaced. My sister and her family were there for three days with no running water. I think they are very brave. I would have turned around and come home.

Jane reminded me that we didn't have a hot water heater at camp until I was in college, and when I washed dishes by heating water on the stove, and almost burning my finger rinsing dishes, it all came back to me. We also had very large tea kettles in which we heated water when we wanted to take a bath. I was also reminded that one can bathe in about two inches of water when absolutely necessary. We will be going back to spend the night on Friday now that we have both hot and cold running water again. My brother-in-law is very talented when it comes to fixing things, although he did have to call in a plumber at the end. So we will be on our way to Cranberry Lake after the Farmer's Market on Friday.

So think of me Friday night, with my knitting and a nice glass of red wine, sitting on the porch enjoying a view like this.

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