Monday, July 6, 2009

I Think It's Summer!!!

Today (Sunday) was the first day that it's been warm enough to open more than one or two windows, so I think summer is here. The garden is also looking all filled in, and the pool is starting to look not gross and we can almost see the bottom in the deep end. Life is good!

My black eyed susans are the most immense they have ever been. This particular flower is about three times the size they usually are, and they must be at least three feet tall. I am assuming this is because of the amount of rain we have had this spring and summer.

I have spent the day making little braids of fiber for my samples for the July Phat Fiber box. The theme for this month is Non-Wool, so I dyed milk fiber, bamboo fiber and some mulberry silk. There are six different colorways, so it was a fun group of samples to put together. I didn't do any yarn because I don't have any yarn bases that are no wool. Here are the six colors, all braided.

Here is Gerard helping me. I went upstairs to print some labels and when I came down I found him holding onto this bag of fiber. He chose the mulberry silk to hold onto. He has very good taste in fiber.
And here are the braids in their little star spangled bags, all ready to be shipped to Phat Fiber Headquarters.

I am participating in the Tour de Fleece this year, and I think I must be crazy for even trying to do this. I am supposed to spin every day that the Tour de France is taking place. I still haven't spun tonight, but will spin for at least ten minutes before I go to bed. Yesterday I two-plied 492 yards of yarn that I had spun while Andrea and I were at the Farmer's Market. This is my "Fire on the Mountain" colorway. I'm pretty pleased with it. I'm hoping that spinning every day will get me back to being able to spin a little more evenly.

Send positive thoughts that Tuesday will be a non-rainy day so we will be able to go to the Farmer's Market. It is a pitiful thing that we have only gone two days since the beginning of June.

I'd better get spinning so that I can get to bed. Tomorrow promises to be a busy day.