Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Almost Time for Harrisville!

On Sunday I leave to go to Harrisville, New Hampshire for a Spinning, Dyeing and Knitting 5 day workshop with Twisted Sister Lynne Vogel. It is my third time attending the workshop, and I am looking forward to a wonderful class with awesome women learning a lot of fantastic things! It must be a pretty good time because several of us have returned repeatedly. One of the best things about the time away is being pretty much shut off from the real world. We stay in a boarding house owned by Harrisville Designs, which was the women's boarding house when the mill was in operation. There is no TV, no Internet access (I do admit to missing my Internet just a little), and I choose not to read any newspapers while I am there. I also don't call home much, figuring if anything goes wrong, I'll find out about it when I need to.

All this is not mentioning Lynne, who is a lovely, down to earth, extremely knowledgeable person who is very generous with her knowledge of dyeing, spinning, knitting and crocheting. I was nervous the first year because I had never dyed before and, as I may have mentioned before on this blog, preciseness is not my strong suit, but the class was perfect for my learning style. Lots of information, but a lot of latitude in the way each person applied the information. I can't wait until Monday!

I worked today and I work tomorrow and I will be having a house guest for the next 3 days. A childhood friend who is coming home to clean out the house she grew up in. It will be fun to have her here. My lovely son Conor is supposed to be helping me by cleaning the house before her arrival. He is MIA at this point, but I have the utmost confidence that everything will be shiny and clean when I arrive home from work tomorrow.

I am drinking a tumbler of red, red wine as I write this post. It has made me quite tired, so I must go to sleep.

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  1. I have another whole week to wait til I go to Harrisville, but I will see you on Monday when I stop by as I will be in Keene for something else. Have to say I relly enjoy your blog. Despite being way too verbal, I don't have the discipline too blog. It is fun reading how others deal with knitting, kids, life, etc. And I miss Massena, even after all these years. See you next week ( briefly!) Susan Foster