Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunny and Rainy in Saranac Lake

Today was a very busy day. I started the day rinsing the 4 pounds of fiber and yarn I dyed yesterday, packaged an Etsy order, woke Conor up at least three times and got a very late start on our drive to Saranac Lake to see Travis and Caitlin. I foolishly dressed as if it was the middle of July, but have been around the Adirondacks long enough to know to bring along some warmer clothes and shoes to replace my flip flops. It was nice for the drive, and there was some sunshine, but also a lot of rain and colder temperatures once we got to Saranac.

The last few times I have gone to Saranac, Conor's one desire has been to go for a walk or climb a mountain and Travis has wanted to go to middle Saranac Lake and take Begonia for a swim. Neither wish has been accomplished because it is snowing (on May 30th) or raining, and once again today it rained.

So we had a glass of wine at Travis and Alyssa's apartment, sitting on the front porch and looking at Baker Mountain.

Not a bad view, is it?

It got too chilly and rainy to stay on the porch so we went to the Meet and Eat for dinner. They have wonderful, cooked to order food, but because it is cooked to order, there is a bit of a wait for the food to be served. So we played a game of miniature golf, which is offered free to the patrons of the Meet and Eat who are waiting for their food. The golf course was one of the strangest golf courses I have ever seen. It is set into a hillside above the restaurant, and the holes are sort of carved into the side of the hill. I don't think words can adequately describe the experience, but it sure was a lot of fun-a combination of golf and a walk up a mountain trail.

Each of the holes has a name.

Here's the lake. Notice the moss growing on the artificial grass.

Conor, Alyssa and Travis, having managed to navigate around the lake.

Look! Conor managed to get his ball in the hole. He also spent a lot of time in the weeds looking for the ball that he hit into the woods. The boy doesn't know his own strength.

Here we are back at the apartment. Conor, Begonia and Travis sitting together on the couch. Begonia believes that it belongs to her as well as the humans she lives with.

We needed to leave because I don't like to drive through the mountains in the dark. Deer like to jump in front of cars in the dark. We stopped at Donnelly's to get ice cream. Donnelly's is well known throughout the north country by those who love ice cream. They have one flavor a day and the ice cream is soft serve and made from cream from the Donnelly's cows. Monday is nut day and today's flavor was maple walnut. It was very yummy.

Time to do some spinning. I have spun every day of the Tour de Fleece and I need to keep on schedule. The weather is looking good for the Farmer's Market tomorrow. And we saw a red sky coming home, so that is a good sign for fair weather for tomorrow.

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  1. Oh my, Mike and I were just talking about Donnelly's the other day. We were on vacation in Rhode Island and had the best ice cream since going to Donnelly's back in our Massena days, We would take sporadic drives to Saranac just to get ice cream on the way! And we moved away in 1990! Susan