Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It has been a very cold day today. It is now 5 degrees, but feels like -5 degrees. And my understanding is that it's supposed to stay this cold for the next several days. The only time I went outside today was to go on the porch in my pajamas to take this picture of the Saturday Sky.

It's not the most beautiful shot of the sky, but it does show that the sun was finally shining. Thank goodness.

Yesterday Andrea and Trina came over to knit. I was showing Andrea how to knit socks, and Gerard was fascinated by the process. He sat right next to her yarn to make sure that it stayed where it was. I don't think there are too many cats that could sit so close to a moving strand of yarn and not feel the need to attack it. I'm very proud of his self-restraint.

I have worked today on finishing knitting the other thrummed mitten and when I am done they will be on their way to Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

I have decided to start my January/February sweater tonight while watching Dr. Who. I am doing a Green Mountain Spinnery Pattern and using some Cascade 220 that I have had for several years. I have started at least three sweaters with this yarn and then frogged them. I hope this one is the charm. If not, I think I am going to have to pass the yarn on to someone else. I have 1 1/4 of my January socks done and I am pondering what scarf I should do. I was going to do Lynne Vogel's Starry Nite scarf using hand spun, some of which was spun at her class that I took in Harrisville, NH in August of 2009, but I think I need something a little simpler for this month. I'm thinking of making a mistake rib scarf with some of my hand spun.

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