Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two Comments

I was very excited this evening. I had two comments on my post yesterday. It feels good to know that people are reading this.

It was a lazy day. The stomach virus came back, so I didn't go to work today, and ended up sleeping until 12:30. I did go to pick up Conor and went for a little walk and took some snow pictures. It was bright and sunny and not too cold, maybe 14 degrees. I took the pictures for those who might be reading this in an area where people aren't tired of snow already. Hi, Jan.

I took another foot picture. It made me quite happy to see the brick which will one day reemerge when all the foolish white stuff is gone.

This is my house looking all wintry and snow covered. The snow is nice because it covers up the porch roof which is badly in need of repair. See the poor little bushes with their top hats of snow.

Here is the end of my driveway. Notice the height of the car as compared to the snow bank. I don't know how Conor is going to shovel the driveway if we get much more snow. He won't be able to throw the snow high enough.

My neighbor"s looks like it will be a while before we will be sharing a chat here.

In knitting news, I have started a new sock. The yarn is Galway Paint, Color 814. Don't you love the exciting name they have chosen? I picked a lace stitch pattern out of The Knitting Stitch Bible and am using that stitch pattern to knit the sock, using my usual sock pattern. It's going quickly because it is worsted weight yarn. I just realized tonight that the end of January is almost here and I have not finished my January sock. I don't have much more to go, so better get going on that. Do you think it's legal to start a February sock in January before my January sock is finished?

I had to lay a little low on the knitting because I was starting to feel some pain in my hand. I think it was a result of all the Christmas knitting I did. It is feeling better today. I didn't want a repeat of last winter when I was forced to wear a brace and not knit for about a month. I was able to crochet though, and made squares for a granny square afghan. I should get those out and block them and put them together. We could use another afghan to keep warm under. I'll have to add that to my list of things to do.

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