Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Snowing

It has been snowing since last night. Conor was disappointed that school was not cancelled. He felt there could have at least been a delayed opening. No spinning for me because of the condition of the roads. I had intended to spin at home, but instead spent more time preparing the samples for the Phat Fiber box. It is all packed now and ready to go, if I can get out of my driveway in the morning, since the snow is expected to continue to fall through the night.

I have been feeling a strong urge to get down in the basement and dye some fiber and yarn. (I added the words fiber and yarn because my children have told me it sounds kind of creepy when I just say I am going to the basement to dye.) I have been dreaming of color combinations, now I need to see if I can bring those dreams to life. I have to work tomorrow, and I'm teaching a friend to knit socks on Friday, so I am scheduling dyeing for Saturday and Sunday. Stay posted to see what emerges from the dye pot.

Here's a snow picture for you.

I liked snow a lot better when I lived in New Jersey and it only came a few times a winter, stayed for a day and then was gone. I loved it when it snowed there, because it was as if the whole town had a snow day. Because it snowed so infrequently, there was a holiday feeling that emerged when it snowed. I could enjoy the beauty of the snow and the fact that we were all home snug and warm together (because if it snowed there, the children always had a snow day)

Now that I live in Massena, I don't have the same relationship with snow I had in New Jersey. I try to enjoy it for it's beauty, but it's there all the time, basically from November until March, so it's beauty is lost on me. I have been told I would enjoy snow more if I went snow shoeing or did cross country skiing. Well, I don't do either thing, and don't think those activities are in my future. So I have brilliantly concluded that I will follow the advice I always gave to my children . Since the only thing I can change about the situation is my attitude, I am going to start loving snow and being accepting of it and going for walks in it, and maybe I'll invite it in for a cup of coffee and get to know it better. So here is a picture of my new best friend snow.

The wind made pretty ripples in it, which remind me of sand at the shore where the waves have washed in. And look at the blueness of the light when it hits the snow. I am starting to fall in love with snow all over again.

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