Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Phat Fiber Sampler Box

I was asked to participate in a new venture called a Phat Farm Sampler Box. It is a way to advertise products on-line and I have known that I was participating since October. I have to send in samples of my yarn, fiber and stitch markers and anyone interested can order a sample box from www.phatfiber.com. In my usual procrastinating manner I have waited until today to get my samples together and they need to be in another state by Saturday. I believe this is one of the reasons Priority Mail was invented. Trina came over to help me decide what fiber and yarns to put in my samples, and to start getting the samples together. Conor helped by resizing my labels. He had to use Microsoft Paint which made him very crabby because it was difficult to do what he needed to do using the program. But he persevered and was able to accomplish what I needed done.

I bought a new cable so that I could download pictures from my camera, and then guess what I found when I was looking for stitch markers for the Sampler Box? That's right, the cable for the camera. I had tucked it away in a very safe spot (the box I keep stitch markers in) and it was such a safe spot that I totally forgot where I had put it. I'm sure it seemed like a logical place at the time I put it away, but now I can't quite figure out the connection between stitch markers and camera cables.

I promised a picture of the thrummed mittens I finished knitting a couple of nights ago, so here it is. They are made from my hand dyed roving and yarn. I am not a big fan of pink, but I had a request that I knit some pink legwarmers, which led me to dye this yarn. I am pleased with the pink that I created. I hope Becca likes the mittens. I am now making a much more subdued pair of navy blue mittens for her brother.

Tomorrow our spinning group is meeting, but I just checked the weather, and there is a winter storm warning in effect until Thursday afternoon. If the forecast holds true, I don't think I will be driving to spinning, since it is being held at a house about a half hour from here. I guess I will have to spin here by myself. How sad.

I'd better stop procrastinating and finish the packages to send to Phat Fiber.

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