Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Phat Fiber Sample Box

Do you like this colorway?  I just put it in my etsy shop.  I asked Conor for help in naming it, requesting a song title, because that is where I get most of my names for my colorways.  I told him the colors were blueberry, pumpkin and green and he suggested blueberry pie.  When asked what green and pumpkin colors had to do with blueberry pie, he said the pumpkin was the crust and it was in a green pie plate.  Instead, I decided on Blueberry Hill, since that is a song title.  I always think of Richie Cunningham singing Blueberry Hill on Happy Days when I think of that song.

I've been working to get things together to send samples in for the March Phat Fiber box.  The boxes sold out in something like two minutes this month.  It's awesome for independent dyers and fiber artists to be able to get samples of their work into the hands of people all over the world. Boxes went to Japan, Canada, Scotland, England and Norway this month.  I am truly appreciative that Jessie (the creator of Phat Fiber) invited me back in October to be a part of this group of fiber artists.  I was a contributor to last month's inaugural box and will be contributing next month too.  I took a month off to regroup and figure out exactly what samples I wanted to send in. However, I couldn't go a month without my Phat Fiber fix, so I purchased a box.  I can't wait to see what's in it.  I am hoping it will be here when I get home from work tomorrow, and I will share pictures of the fibery goodness contained within.  

Every month there is a theme.  Next month it is Celtic.  With the last name of O'Brien I had to participate.  I think I am going to send some bracelets in this month, along with some nice, fluffy batts of fiber.  I am having a wonderful time with my drum carder, creating the batts.  It's another fun way to play with color.  And thanks to the Yarn Harlot, I know that it is OK to put fiber in sideways, and it really does work better than putting the fiber in with the ends first. Who knew?

Tuesday night Trina and I went to Potsdam to Fields Coffee House to meet two other knitters for what is hoped will be a new knitting group.  We met Jody and Stacy and had a nice yarn filled time.  Jody was making her first sock, and Stacy is crocheting a baby blanket with Noah's Ark on it-very cute.  We discovered that the Coffee House has an open mic night on Tuesday, so we were treated to some music along with out knitting-quite a change from the library where we knit on Wednesday night.  Next week we thought we would try meeting at The Blackbird Cafe in Canton.  Any place with coffee and yarn and interesting people sounds good to me.

Here are a few more pictures from the parade on Saturday.  Only in the Adirondacks would there be a float with a deer head on the prow of a pirate ship, with a mountain coming out of the middle of the ship.  It was a little shady when this picture was taken, but I think you can see the concept of the float.

Look, there was fiber at the parade, in the form of some very large dredlocks.  I thought Travis' were long, but they can't compete with these.

And not only did the pirate have dreds, but so did the car that was following him.

This is a very tired puppy at the end of the parade.  She belongs to Travis and Caitlin's friend Jess.  Isn't she adorable?

Here is a rather blurry shot of the ice castle at night.  Pretty.

Time for bed.  Work again tomorrow.  I'm wearing a wool sweater-twas very cold today.  

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