Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sorry I've Been Absent for So Long

This is a quick post to say sorry I haven't written for a few days.  

Here is picture of my grandcat Sterling Battleship Sylvia.  Travis named her (she's Caitlin's cat) Sterling Sylvia, and a friend decided she should have a grey middle name as well, so he suggested Battleship.  Isn't she a clever cat lying in a box? I bet you've never seen a cat in a box before. She is a very energetic kitten-it's amazing she sat still long enough to snap this photo.

Samples for the phat fiber box are still a work in progress-they  have to be in by next Friday. Gerard was quite helpful while I was making the sample skeins of sock yarn.  He kept trying to steal them.  Bad cat! Now I have to get the fiber samples ready.  I think I am going to send in a few bracelets also. Here is a little hint of what may be appearing in my fiber samples.

The February Phat Fiber box arrived last Friday, and it was so much fun to open.  I spied it on my front porch when I arrived home from work.  Lots of pink and brown yarn and fiber, as the theme for February was Romance and Chocolate.    I would anticipate there being a plethora of green in the March box, in keeping with the Celtic theme.
There was a field trip to Burlington yesterday with Suzanne.  We left at the incredibly early hour of 7:30 (at least it was incredibly early for me).  We went to KaleidoscopeCheck SpellingYarn, Northeast Fibers, Ben Franklin and Barnes and Noble.  I was quite good, and only bought a skein of Cascade 220 and a skein of Lambs Pride for my collection.  I love the colors in both types of yard, so each time I go to a yarn store I tend to buy a color I don't have for my stash.  OK, I also bought someMalabrigo worsted weight yarn.  It is one of my favorite yarns-so soft.  But also extremely feltable.  I made Caitlin two pairs of socks from Malabrigo yarn, and she now has socks that would make lovely Christmas tree decorations  I want to make a hat and some mittens from what I bought. I figure those articles of clothing aren't quite as likely to make their way into the washer and dryer. 

I hadn't been to Barnes and Noble in a long time and realized how much I miss visiting all those books.  When we lived in New Jersey we went to B&N at least once a week.  I think it is a good thing that I live far away-both for my wallet and my stuffed bookshelves.  Lately I have been wanting to read a Miss Marple mystery, so  I bought Murder at the Vicarage, the first book in which she is the main character.  I prefer her to Hercule Poirot as a sleuth, maybe because she sometimes knits in her books.

Wasn't it fabulous today when the temperature was above 40 degrees?...... I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring.  Delusional, I know, to think that it will be here anytime soon, but I can pretend.  Actually, it must be spring, we have a fly in the house.  Seamus is industriously trying to catch it, and making some strange noises in the process.  

Time for bed.  I will try to be a more regular blogger in the future, and my apologies to those who have been missing my posts.

I'll leave you with a picture of Gerard sleeping, and my feet adorned with a pair of my hand knit socks.  

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