Friday, February 13, 2009

If It's Friday, There Must Have Been Knitting

Today we had a very small knitting group-that would be Trina and me.  We were both working on our February projects, but Trina wasn't happy with the yarn she was using, so I took her shopping in one of my closets.  She left with 4 or 5 skeins of yarn and my grateful thanks for removing items from my house.  And I was left with a little money to spend on pizza for dinner.  We tried a different pizzeria and it was pretty bad, so we will go back to the usual place next time, even if there is an hour wait for delivery.  Pizza is one of the many things we miss from our years in New Jersey.  It's just not quite the same up here.

Look, summer.  I thought it would be nice to be reminded of what will be here in a few short months.  This is a picture of Cranberry Lake, and a corner of the front porch.  I can't wait to go there and spend some knitting time on the porch, feeling the mountain breeze and listening to the gentle sound of the water as it touches the shoreline.  I don't know how to adequately describe the feel of the mountain air on one's skin, but it is something I can't wait to be feeling again.  It will be here in no time, since time is flying so quickly these days.

And since I'm showing summer pictures, I thought a foot picture would be nice, especially since the feet are standing on grass, not snow.  Suzanne has offered to make me a scrapbook of my foot pictures so I can present it to my children, who think I am odd for taking these pictures. This picture was taken at the wedding of my brother Tim and his wife Lisa.  They were married in their back yard on a lovely July afternoon.

And now a return to present day.  We had two warm days, but the cold has returned and I am glad, because I wasn't  mentally prepared for mud season yet.  And I was also concerned that Saranac Lake have cool weather for winter carnival.  I didn't want the ice castle to melt before I had a chance to see it.  I'm excited about going to the parade tomorrow, and happy to be heading to the mountains.  It has been a while since I've visited.   I'm hoping to be able to take some nice pictures.  Perhaps it's time for the Christmas tree at the top of the blog to go, although I will miss the blues in that just past sunset sky.  It seems to me that I may have dyed a yarn with some of the colors in that sky.  I'll go check my photos.  BRB.

Yup, I was right.  This is Walk at Midnight, which I named before taking the picture.  Maybe I need to change it's name to Mirror Lake at Dusk.   I do love blues, there are so many different gorgeous shades to choose from when dyeing, and it is so much fun to come up with new variations.

I'm excited about going to Saranac Lake, not just because I will see the mountains, but because I get to see Travis and Caitlin as well.  Caitlin will be off tomorrow because Nori's is closed, however, Travis has to work.  Travis is the Executive Chef at Lake Placid Pub and Brewery, the home of Ubu Ale, and some yummy food too.  Because this is such a busy tourist time in Lake Placid,  he also has to work Sunday , so I guess we'll just have to hang around until Monday to see him.  I won't tell Conor until we are there that we are staying for two nights.  I better start packing my knitting bag now.  Although a wonderful thing has happened.  Mountain Gift & Powder has added yarn to their inventory and is located right across from Caitlin's apartment, so if I run short of supplies, or forget a needle, I can just go across the street.  How awesome is that?

Time for a bath.  I am running out of bath salts and have concluded that perhaps I should start to make my own.  That way I will have control over what ingredients are being used, and also because I need to add another thing to my list of things to do.  I wouldn't want to get bored. Something to think about.  

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