Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Snowing Again

I was told last night at spinning by Suzanne that my blog and the Yarn Harlot's blog are the two she looks at every day, and she is disappointed when there isn't a new post, so now I am feeling pressure to write every day.  

I haven't shown you a cat picture in a few days, and I know that is a sad thing, so here is Gerard inspecting my new drum carder.  I'm thinking if I can just train him to turn the crank, we'll be in business.

And here is Seamus marking the drum carder as his very own.  I read all kinds of scary stories about how sharp the teeth would be and how it is necessary to be very careful not to prick one's fingers on the teeth, and I explained this all to Seamus, but he must have thought I was being overcautious.

The problem with writing today is that I can't really think of much to say, hence the brilliant title that it is snowing again.  It was kind of hard seeing on my way home from  work.  I'm glad I left when I did, because it was prime temperature and conditions for black ice.  Having once experienced spinning around in a car with absolutely no control, or hope of gaining control, and miraculously missing several road signs and trees, I have a slight (OK, maybe a little more than slight) fear of black ice.  I try to avoid driving at times when black ice is most likely to occur. Times like tonight.  But obviously I made it home safely, happy to pull into the garage and come inside my warm (warm being a relative term, for those who know me and the temperature at which I keep my house-although you have to admit, it is warmer inside than outside) house. 

It is also the time of year when the frost heaves and potholes begin to appear.  I have learned to keep the cover on my coffee closed when driving over certain roads if I don't want to be sprayed with coffee as I drive, perhaps a little too quickly, over the frost heaves.  I do try to remember where they are on regularly traveled roads, but sometimes I get distracted.  You'd think the orange diamond signs the highway department puts up warning of the frost heaves would help, but on occasion they don't.

In knitting news, I was able to finish my February socks last night.  I didn't get a chance to take a picture of them today, so imagine this sock with no needles, and the toe nicely kitchner stitched and that would be one of the socks.  This is one of my hand dyed yarns called Late in the Evening and I am really pleased with the way it knit up, with no color pooling, and not too striped either, just little dots of color.  There is one green that was where two colors came together that I love and am going to try to replicate because it is an awesome shade of green.
That's about it for now.  I will leave you with an emo self-portrait of Conor.  The boy needs a job, he has too much time on his hands.

Good Night.

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