Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If It's Wednesday There Must Have Been Spinning

Our spinning group met today.  

I am spinning some alpaca and merino roving I bought from Angel, a member of our spinning group, who owns Angel Knoll Alpacas.I bought about 8 ounces the last time we had spinning at her house, and have discovered in subsequent forays into my spinning fiber that I am consistent in the fiber I am attracted to because I have at least another 8 ounces of the same fiber in my stash.  Because I had such forethought in purchasing the same fiber on at least two occasions, I am thinking that I may have enough yarn to make a vest when I am done spinning it.

The brown in the yarn is the alpaca fiber and the golden/rust color is the wool.  It is very soft when spun, and I think a vest will be a good project because the alpaca is so warm that a sweater might be too warm.  Although on the days when the temperature was 30 below, I would have appreciated an alpaca sweater.  I know I appreciated the socks all our spinning group members received as Christmas gifts from Angel.

Vernice shared her completed moebius shawl with us.  She made it from yarn she had spun from superwash roving purchased from me.  It is beautiful, and has made me think I want to make a moebius shawl, something that has never interested me in the past.  This is why I think it's so important to get together with other knitters and spinners, there is such inspiration to be found amongst other fiber lovers.

I should have taken a picture of this when Vernice was modeling it, but didn't think fast enough.  It looks much more attractive on someone than  sitting on top of a pile of Elizabeth Zimmerman books.  We spent a lot of time discussing these books today.  We have a couple of new spinners and knitters and we were sharing with them the awesomeness that is EZ.  Vernice has the whole collection of Wool Gatherings, something one could spend hours poring over. There was also discussion of each group member making a baby surprise jacket.  It would be fascinating to see how different they all would be.

That discussion reminded me that I have a baby surprise jacket all knit, but not seamed.  I think I need to finish that.  It would remove a UFO from the pile and it would be fun to see the sweater completed.

Wednesdays are very fiber filled days for me.  I have spinning during the day, and our knitting group meets on Wednesday nights at the library, so that is where I went this evening.  It was very foggy  on the way to the library.  And being the good blogger that I am becoming, I made sure to take a picture so you all could see how foggy it was. 

I imagine the fog has something to do with the fact that it was 45 degrees today and that means a lot of snow melted so there is an overabundance of moisture in the air which resulted in the fog.  It also means there is a lot of very unattractive sand covered snow along the side of the roads.  But at least the piles of snow at the end of my driveway are melting, so I can almost see when I back out.

The knitting group members are progressing quite nicely with our monthly projects, although I thought Suzanne was a bit of a show off with her February socks already knitted and on sock blockers.  (That sentence was typed with a smile on my face and love in my heart.)  I am almost done with my February socks, actually I'm sure I could finish them if I stopped writing this post and went and knit instead, so off I go.

Happy spinning and knitting to all, and to all a good  night.

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