Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Dyeing Sunday

A quick post to say hello.  It's been a busy few days.  Today was a day for dyeing and the dye fumes seem to have taken away my ability to write a cohesive post.  I hope to have a real post tomorrow, with details of our spinning day yesterday at my house.  Perhaps there will be a Pistachio Cake recipe included.

Look, there is thyme growing in my garden!

And despite the depressing snow that was on the ground this morning, and the fact that it is still really cold, there was blue sky today.

This is a cement rhubarb leaf that has been in my garden for the last few years.  Eloise, Judy and I spent an afternoon making casts of rhubarb leaves from Judy's garden one summer afternoon before Judy deserted us and moved to Wilmington.  Then Eloise deserted me and move to Saranac Lake.  Maybe this is a trend, and a miracle will happen, and I will sell my  house and move to the Adirondacks also. I am sending that thought out into the universe.  Let's see what happens.

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