Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Been an Etsy Day

Today was spent taking photos and putting things in my etsy shop. Taking photos that truly portray the colors of the yarn is a difficult task. The fact that the sun was shining made this a good day to take the photos. Here are the two colorways I managed to get on-line this afternoon. This colorway is "Pale Rainbow". When I first started dyeing to sell yarn and fiber Conor requested rainbow yarn because he wanted a pair of rainbow colored socks. This colorway was one of the attempts at rainbow. It did turn out to be a rainbow, just not the traditional red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

This yarn is several shades of grey and pink. The colorway is "Suzanne" named after my friend who suggested this would be a good color combination to try to dye.

I have had quite a few purchases of worsted weight yarn recently, so need to get dyeing some more. My dyeing day on Sunday didn't work out because my brother called to see if I wanted to visit my mother, who lives in a nursing home after falling and breaking her hip several years ago. It is a very difficult thing to visit her because every time I go it seems that she has failed more. After the visit I no longer felt creatively inspired to dye, so instead spent the day knitting and watching a marathon of America's Next Top Model-a good way to vegetate, yet create something at the same time.

It was knitting night at the library tonight. It was only Trina and me-a very quiet night. Trina gave me a pair of Kollage Yarns square metal double pointed needles she had ordered for me. I wanted to try them even though I am not a fan of metal needles. I was surprised at how much I like them. The metal seems to have a plastic coating so the yarn slides along very easily and they are much lighter than regular metal needles. I think I will get another pair. I knit a lot of socks with size 0 needles, and the wooden ones tend to bend. The bamboo set I am using now are permanently bent in what looks like a smile.

Here is today's cat picture. I had my two phat fiber sampler boxes on the couch and Gerard must have thought one would be a good place for a nap. This box had a lot of natural fiber in it, and I think he liked the natural animal scents. He stayed in there and slept for quite a while.

He stayed in there and slept for quite a while.

Silly cat.

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