Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Yarn and Fiber in My Etsy Shop

This will be a quick post.  I have to go to bed early because I am working an extra long day tomorrow.  I was supposed to work today and tomorrow, but I had to attend a funeral today, so was not able to work.  The funeral was  for my Aunt Dorothy, who was 93 and had been living in a nursing home for the last several years.  Even though it was a blessing, it is still sad.  

I came home and was going to add some yarn to my etsy shop.  My Internet connection kept failing, which was extremely frustrating, because it also means our telephone service fails.  It was also frustrating because I would get the listing almost done, and would lose all I had done.

It turns out that there is something wrong with our modem and we can't have a service call until next Wednesday.  Fortunately it is working right now and Conor can usually fix it by resetting the modem, but the technician was trying to blame the intermittent service on our cordless phone, which they said can interfere with our wireless device.  It makes no sense to me, since we have had the same phone for several months, and we have not had this issue, but who am I to argue with technical support?  Actually, I did argue a little, but it got me nowhere.  I was curious why Time Warner does not advertise the fact that one cannot have a certain strength of cordless phone without it interfering with their service.  Argh!!!

Here are pictures of the yarn and fiber I posted today.   This is a worsted weight yarn, but it does not have a name.  Any suggestions?

This yarn is called Lilacs in Bloom.  One of the skeins is reskeined and the other hasn't been reskeined yet.  One of the interesting things I have learned from dyeing is how the way a skein of yarn can change dramatically when reskeined.  There have been several times when I have dyed a skein of yarn that I really don't like when it is done, but reskeining it changes the whole look.  

I also added this hand carded batt to the shop.  I think it will spin up into some really pretty yarn.  It would also work wonderfully for a wet felted or needle felted project. I have decided not to name these batts because they are one of a kind, and will not be repeated.

I can't leave you without a cat picture.  I realize that I have posted a lot more pictures of Gerard than Seamus.  That is because Gerard is a more mischievous cat who tends to get himself in situations which beg to be photographed.  I was shocked when I came downstairs one morning to find them both sitting in the same chair, so had to take their picture.  I realized they were together because the chair was in a perfect spot to look out the front door, and it was one of the warm days we've had recently, so there was a lot of squirrel activity out there.  I think Gerard looks annoyed that I am taking Seamus' picture.  That may be because I woke Gerard up while taking the picture.

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