Thursday, March 26, 2009

Temporarily Interrupted

This blog will be temprarily interrupted while I get over an obnoxious cold.  My eyes are very sore, and looking at the computer screen makes it worse.  And aside from that I imagine there won't be any scintillating things occuring as I am lying in bed.  I guess I could tell you how many boxes of tissues I've used, or how cute the cats look sleeping curled up against my legs and making me think I'm paralyzed when I wake up and can't turn over because there is a 12 pound weight on either side of me. But not much of fibery interest will be happening.  I must be sick because I don't even feel like knitting.

Here is one of those cats who like to sleep next to me, Gerard.  He was helping me weigh roving one day.

And here is a picture of a summer sunset to help us remember what is coming soon.

I'll be back shortly.  

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