Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If It's March, Shouldn't It Be Warm?

There seems to be a recurring theme in my posts discussing cold and snow.  I am tired of being cold.  I don't mind the snow so much, but in order to have warmth, we must lose snow.  I think that by March 2, it should be at least a degree or two above freezing, but this morning it was 11 degrees when I drove Conor to school.  (He was late because I forgot to push the alarm button.  I did point out to Conor that maybe he should take a little responsibility for waking himself up.)  I have no new revelations on the matter.  I just wanted to share with you how tired I am of being cold.  I am hoping my mood will improve if it ever becomes warmer.  And I promise to never complain about the heat this summer.  I'll just crank down the AC or jump in the pool or go to Cranberry Lake.   Here's a picture of a sunset I might see sitting on the porch at camp, while I am cooling off.  We must have hundreds of pictures of sunsets taken by my parents and siblings over the years, but they are all a little bit unique.  

The phat fiber samples are done.  My problem is that the batts are so fluffy I don't have a box big enough to contain them.  I might be able to with some help.  I am sure Conor will be happy to help me before school tomorrow.

In a state of boredom late Saturday night I joined Facebook.  I am not quite sure why, or what I intend to do now that I am on it, but I have had several messages on my wall.  When I saw what the wall was, I must admit that I felt disappointment.  I had envisioned a brick backdrop with messages tacked on somehow.  It's nothing like that and I am sad.  I was very entertained by the thought of asking all of Conor's friends to be my friends.  However I decided against the plan, and only asked Conor to be my friend.  Now I can stalk him and find out what he is doing.

Did anyone do the quiz in yesterday's post?  I meant to write about it, but couldn't figure out how to add anything before or after it once it was posted.  I do have a serious love of books, so Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm fits, I guess.  I think I must have been an editor in a previous life, and I am very bothered by mistakes I find in print.

On the knitting front, at the Knit-In at the Potsdam Museum on Saturday, I started a pair of mittens from the book Favorite Mittens by Robin Hansen.  They are called Striped Mittens and I  have made several times in the past.  They are a lot of fun because the look of the mitten changes quite dramatically depending on what yarns are used.  I am using some of my handspun and Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride in natural.  I am all done with one except for the thumb, and have finished the cuff on the second one, so it is a fast knit.   

Here are the happy knitters at our table at the Museum on Saturday.  Andrea is making her second pair of socks, and has started them over several times, but keeps on persevering and she is doing a great job.  We think it may be the wool which splits really easily that is the issue, not Andrea's knitting.  We are having spinning at her house on Wednesday, so we'll see how far she has progressed.

Definitely time for bed.  Tomorrow Conor gets the last part of his braces put on and I am not looking forward to the next few days.  The only positive thing is he really won't be able to eat, so I won't hear the question "What's for dinner?" for a few days, which will be a pleasant thing.

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