Sunday, March 29, 2009

Planning the Transactions of the Day

He, who every morning plans the 
transactions of the day, and follows that 
plan carries a thread that will guide him 
through a labyrinth of the most busy life"
- Victor Hugo 

I saw this quote and have decided I need to start following Victor Hugo's advice, and in the morning plan the transactions of my day.  I have an aversion to making lists, why I am not sure, but I'm beginning to realize that life is becoming overwhelming and perhaps I need to become a list maker.  It's especially becoming necessary as Moonlight and Laughter is becoming more succesful and I am making more sales.  So my new resolution is to get up every morning, plan the transactions of my day, and then accomplish at least one thing on that list.  If I put make coffee on every list I will have reached my goal every day.  I think that's a good plan.

I am also working on getting my samples for the April Phat Fiber box together.  This month the theme is Green, either the color or ecologically green.  I am doing a little bit of both and planning to send in more samples, as are other contributors, so perhaps more people can receive boxes and there will be more happy customers.

Suzanne just arrived to knit so I have to go.  She's having a granny square crisis.

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